What is Tan Land?

When you arrive in Tan Land, you’ll notice that everyone wears white linen. You’ll find marble fountains flowing with fresh-squeezed orange juice, and cows freely roaming the streets, ready to provide raw milk to you as you pass by.

You can join the men and women whose bronzed skin is kissed by the sun all year eating grapes and honey in little cafés as you watch the daily sunset.

Visit any home, and you’ll be greeted by well-mannered, barefoot children who will offer you slices off a leg of prosciutto on the counter. Feeling dirty? Join the Tan Landians as they bathe in the clear, microplastic-free ocean before sleeping under the stars in hammocks nestled between palms on the beach.

While everyone is healthy, you won’t have to obsesses over it— because it’s impossible to be otherwise.

Welcome to Tan Land.

About the author

I am just a really tan man who is obsessed with making the world a healthier and more beautiful place.

While in college, a few life-changing experiences led me to realize that we are all in control of our health, and that the problems many people accept are all preventable and largely solvable.

I’ve spent 7 years of my life and over $15,000 exploring solutions to these problems for myself and others.

I have first hand experience with most of the health trends that are popular today, as well as trends that have not yet hit the mainstream.

In this newsletter I will share the best, most impactful strategies for improving health and aesthetics, both at an individual and societal level.

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What’s inside?

There are two components to my newsletter.

As a paid subscriber, you’ll get full access to the newsletter and archives of previous posts. Premium articles are posted 4x per month on high-signal, actionable information to improve your health without wasting time and money.

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Why subscribe?

I’ve studied and practiced health optimization for years, but in 2021 I started aggressively discussing my ideas on social media.

My main mission promote health is my startup called Shire, which makes it easy to find high quality, locally produced food like raw milk and sourdough bread.

I’ve been bootstrapping it myself, so I started this substack in order to help fund my efforts to bring local farm food to everyone.

All the money I receive from substack goes directly toward building Shire.

If you’d like to live in a world where the highest quality, regenerative food is available everywhere you go, this is the way to get there.

Subscribing to my substack is thus a win-win for everyone.


Really Tan Man
Software engineer and entrepreneur. Real food, sunlight, and anti-seed oil activist